Coolio Drops Preview Of New Westlyfe-Directed Video “Moparcin” Featuring Tha Chill Of CMW

Compton’s in the house as Coolio and Tha Chill of CMW collaborate on a new song called “Moparcin”. The video is directed by Westlyfe and the song interpolates Midnight Star’s “No Parking On The Dance Floor”, as Tha Chill says of his latest production, “I flipped the no parking bassline and word up drum energy, there are no samples, and I got my boy MOFAK on the talk box.”

Coolio rose to fame with 1995’s monumental “Gangsta’s Paradise” featuring L.V., which became the top-selling single of that year 1995, as well as one of the top-selling singles of all time with 6 million copies worldwide. The lead single for the movie Dangerous Minds, starring Michelle Pfeiffer was nominated for Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards and won the Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance.

Tha Chill has several upcoming projects he’s working on including MC Ren‘s Osiris EP, the 1st Generation collaborative project with  KuruptMC EihtJayo FelonyGangsta of the Comrads, and King T, producing for J-Dee of Da Lench Mob, Kokane & Suga Free, as well prepping the release of his own solo album Elephant.

On working with the legendary Coolio, Tha Chill exclusively told Chad Kiser, “Coolio always has that G vibe to me and when I got the chance to produce and rock with my big bro of 30 years I had to keep that same energy. I’m all about keeping us OGs legacy alive because it’s people that still want it and miss it. So, we did the joint and called my boy Big Ray [Westlyfe] in and a bunch of lowriders and homies like Wino, Kurupt, Taz from Tha Liks , BG Knocc Out, and more and did the video. Me, personally, I had a blast doing this jam and the video. Shot out to the culture, that’s what it’s for. MOPARCIN!” 

No other details have been released about the project coming from Coolio other than a release is coming sometime in February 2022.

Check out the preview of “Moparcin” from Coolio below: