The Mossie Drop New Single “They Want That Mob Back” Featuring Stresmatic

Vallejo, California group The Mossie has resurfaced with their latest single, “They Want That Mob Back,” produced by Amnesia X Beats and featuring Stresmatic. The Mossie, comprised of Kaveo and Mugzi, has a rich history dating back to their early appearances on E-40‘s 1993 EP The Mail Man. Over the years, the duo has collaborated on various projects, including E-40’s Federal, B-Legit‘s Tryin’ to Get a Buck, and D-Shot‘s The Shot Calla.

Their contributions to albums like Celly Cel‘s Heat 4 Yo Azz and E-40’s The Hall of Game have solidified their place in the Bay Area hip-hop scene. However, it was their debut studio album, Have Heart Have Money, released on Sick Wid It and Jive Records on August 26, 1997, that truly showcased The Mossie’s unique sound and lyrical style to a wider audience.

Their new single, “They Want That Mob Back,” featuring Stresmatic, pays homage to the group’s roots while also showcasing their growth and evolution as artists.