Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Ez Mil, Royce Da 5’9 & Others Revealed On Leaked ‘Death Of Slim Shady’ Tracklist

Eminem fans were treated to a sneak peek at what could potentially be his upcoming album, The Death Of Slim Shady, thanks to a series of screenshots shared by @SyrianAlmond on X on Saturday (July 6). The screenshots, captured from the Apple Music app, revealed a 20-track playlist that was accidentally made public when the album was made available as a pre-save item.

One of the standout tracks listed was a posse cut titled “Cypher Intermission,” featuring J. Cole, Black Thought, Tech Nine, Ez Mil, and Royce Da 5’9″. Royce supposedly appears on another track titled “Threequel,” while Dr. Dre and 50 Cent appear don’t the track “Onslaught.” The tracklist also hinted at features from Billie Eilish, JID, and Skylar Grey, .

However, @SyrianAlmond was quick to add a disclaimer to their post, acknowledging that the leaked tracklist could potentially be fake. They urged followers to take the information with a grain of salt, as fake Eminem tracklists have circulated online in the past.

Currently, the Apple Music page for the album only shows each track by its number, with the exception of the singles “Houdini” and “Tobey.” Despite this, fans are buzzing with excitement over the possibility of these collaborations and eagerly awaiting more official details about Eminem’s highly anticipated new album.

While the accidental leak may have caused a stir among fans, it has only added to the anticipation and speculation surrounding The Death Of Slim Shady. As listeners eagerly await more information and an official announcement from Eminem and his team, the leaked tracklist has sparked conversations and debates about what could potentially be one of the biggest hip-hop releases of the year.