Eminem Drops New Single “Tobey” Featuring Big Sean & BabyTron

In his upcoming album, The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grace), Eminem has strategically bridged the gap between three distinct generations of hip-hop artists from his hometown. Scheduled for release on July 12, 2024, the album features a collaboration titled “Tobey,” where Eminem joins forces with Big Sean and BabyTron, showcasing the diversity and evolution of the Detroit rap scene.

A curated team of producers, including Marvy Ayy, John Nocito, Daniyel, Carlton McDowell, and Cole Bennett, along with Eminem himself, worked on crafting the sonic landscape of “Tobey.”

Eminem recently offered fans a chilling preview of the horror-themed track through a trailer, setting the tone for the intense and visceral storytelling that awaits listeners. In the teaser clip, Eminem is portrayed wearing a Jason Voorhees goalie mask, wielding a chainsaw, and drenched in blood as he engages in a gruesome act of violence. BabyTron and Big Sean observe Eminem’s macabre performance with a cool demeanor, adding layers of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

Within his verse on “Tobey,” Eminem addresses a past confrontation with hip-hop pioneer Melle Mel, who questioned Eminem’s place in the rap pantheon due to his race. Eminem defiantly responds to the criticism, asserting his own legendary status in the genre and refusing to be diminished by detractors. The lyrical exchange underscores Eminem’s resilience and unwavering self-confidence in the face of adversity.

The collaboration on “Tobey” marks Eminem’s inaugural partnership with BabyTron and the fourth collaboration with Big Sean, solidifying their creative synergy and shared commitment to representing Detroit’s rich musical heritage. From their previous joint efforts on tracks like “No Favors,” “Friday Night Cypher,” and “Detroit Vs. Everybody,” Eminem, Big Sean, and BabyTron have established a potent artistic chemistry that resonates with fans across generations.

As anticipation for the release of The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grace) continues to mount, Eminem’s strategic curation of talent and thematic depth in tracks like “Tobey” promises a multi-faceted listening experience for fans. With the success of his lead single “Houdini,” which achieved significant chart success upon its debut, Eminem sets the stage for a groundbreaking album that showcases the evolution and enduring legacy of his artistry.