Marsha Ambrosius Releases Dr. Dre-Produced ‘Casablanco’ Album Via Aftermath/Interscope Records

Soul sensation Marsha Ambrosius, known for her Grammy-nominated music, has teamed up with iconic producer Dr. Dre to release her latest album, Casablanco, under the Aftermath/Interscope Records label. Originally intended to be a jazz album, the collaboration between Ambrosius and Dr. Dre has resulted in a genre-defying masterpiece that showcases their combined talents in a mesmerizing way.

Working with a talented team of creators, including Focus…, Erik “Blu2th” Griggs, Dem Jointz, and Trevor Lawrence, Jr., Ambrosius, and Dr. Dre embarked on a creative journey that began in 2021 and culminated in the creation of Casablanco.

Leading up to the release of Casablanco, Ambrosius treated fans to singles like “The Greatest,” “One Night Stand,” and “Greedy,” giving them a taste of what was to come. With a background in R&B group Floetry, a successful solo career, and penning tracks for notable artists such as Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Solange, and H.E.R., Ambrosius has solidified her place in the music industry with her captivating voice and heartfelt lyrics.

With the release of Casablanco, Ambrosius enters a new chapter in her musical journey, one that fully encapsulates her talent and creativity. The album is proof of her growth as an artist and her dedication to pushing the boundaries of music.