Conversations With Chad: Money B Of Digital Underground Discusses New Single “Sit Next To Me,” Working On New Album + More

Money B, the esteemed co-founder of the renowned group Digital Underground, recently appeared on the Conversations With Chad podcast to discuss his latest single, “Sit Next To Me.” In an engaging discussion with host Chad Kiser, Money B shared insights on his collaboration with Guapdad 4000, the creative process behind the track with twice Grammy-awarded producer Xcelence, and offered a glimpse into what listeners can anticipate from his forthcoming album.

Having left an indelible mark on the music industry with his contributions to Digital Underground, Money B continues to showcase his innovative spirit as earlier this week, he released “Sit Next To Me” on the cutting-edge Web 3 platform Gala Music. This move underscores his forward-thinking approach to music distribution and engagement with new technologies.

During the Conversations With Chad interview, Money B’s passion for his craft shone through as he discussed the evolution of his sound and the collaborative efforts that went into creating “Sit Next To Me.” As Money B gears up for the release of his upcoming album, his appearance on Conversations With Chad provided a rare glimpse into the creative process and vision behind his music.

Stay tuned for more updates on Money B’s upcoming album and check out “Sit Next To Me” on Gala Music for a taste of what’s coming from this legendary artist.