Spice 1 Discusses Collaborating With 2Pac On “Jealous Got Me Strapped” & “I’m Losin’ It”; Shares Thoughts On Being Removed From “Fame” & “One Day At A Time”

Hayward, California legend Spice 1 recently appeared on the Conversations With Chad podcast, opening up about his legendary friendship and collaborative history with the late music icon Tupac Shakur. The discussion delved into his deep-rooted connection with 2Pac, a relationship that transcended mere musical collaboration to embody a shared vision and understanding of life’s complexities.

Spice 1, whose voice has been a defining element of West Coast rap, reminisced about his shared creative synergy with 2Pac. Their joint efforts on tracks like the Blackjack-produced “Jealous Got Me Strapped” from Spice 1’s 1994 album Amerikkka’s Nightmare, and others like “Can’t Turn Back,” “I’m Losin’ It,” “One Day At A Time,” and “Fame,” are etched in the annals of hip-hop history. These songs, particularly the Johnny J-produced “Fame,” which was recorded on the fateful day of 2Pac’s murder, are poignant reminders of their collaborative spirit.

The conversation also touched upon a bittersweet reality: following 2Pac’s untimely demise, several of their joint tracks were re-released with Spice 1’s verses replaced. This alteration of their original work has been a point of contention, highlighting the ongoing impact of 2Pac’s legacy on the music industry.   Spice 1 expressed his frustration at the industry practice of removing his vocals from these collaborative tracks and replacing them with those of other artists. This practice, he lamented, not only diminishes the authenticity of the original recordings but also erases the unique dynamic and chemistry that he and 2Pac shared in the studio.

In a previous episode, Spice 1 had just unveiled Platinum OG 2, an album that stands as a testament to his enduring artistry. Released through Elder Entertainment, the 18-track compilation features an impressive roster of collaborators, including Snoop Dogg, CL Smooth, Rick Ross, Conway the Machine, B-Legit, and Kxng Crooked. During the podcast, Spice 1 offered a glimpse into his creative process, revealing the personal narratives and experiences that fuel his songwriting. The album, he explained, is a reflection of his journey, imbued with authenticity and the raw essence of his life’s story.

As Spice 1 continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop, his contributions remain a vital part of the genre’s fabric. His candid conversation with Chad Kiser reminds us of the power of music to forge unbreakable bonds and capture the essence of an era. Spice 1’s legacy, much like that of 2Pac, is indelible—a narrative of resilience, creativity, and the unyielding voice of the streets.

Despite the challenges and obstacles faced in the wake of 2Pac’s passing, Spice 1’s admiration for his late friend and collaborator remains unwavering. Through his candid discussions on the Conversations With Chad podcast, Spice 1 offers fans and listeners a rare glimpse into the profound bond he shared with 2Pac, highlighting the enduring impact of their friendship on the landscape of West Coast hip-hop.