DJ Quik & Jason Martin Release ‘Chupacabra’ Featuring The Game, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Worthy, George Clinton, Bun B, CeeLo Green + More

The hip-hop world is abuzz as DJ Quik and Jason Martin have finally unveiled their collaborative opus, Chupacabra. This 17-track album is a melting pot of collaborations featuring a constellation of stars like The Game, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Worthy, George Clinton, Bun B, CeeLo Green, Dom Kennedy, Lil Jon, Rodney O, and more. The album, which has been teased with singles such as “Workout,” “Eazy Call,” “Two Hi (Waves),” “Money, Cars & Guns,” and “Since I Was Lil,” is a rich auditory journey through the diverse landscapes of hip-hop.

DJ Quik, a maestro of the West Coast sound, and Jason Martin, f/k/a Problem, known for his dynamic presence in hip-hop, have fused their talents to create Chupacabra, a title that evokes mystery and intrigue. The album’s release has been marked by a series of strategic singles that have set the stage for what is a full-fledged sonic experience. The tracks released ahead of Chupacabra were met with critical acclaim, highlighting the duo’s ability to blend classic hip-hop elements with contemporary innovation.

The collaboration between DJ Quik and Jason Martin is not a new phenomenon. The pair have a history of creating music that resonates with authenticity and vibrancy. Their previous project, Rosecrans, was a testament to their synergistic chemistry and left fans clamoring for more. Now, with Chupacabra, they have once again joined forces to push the envelope further.

The album’s eclectic feature list is a represents the respect and influence DJ Quik and Jason Martin command within the industry. Each guest artist brings a unique flavor to the project, from The Game’s commanding verses to George Clinton’s funk-infused influences. The inclusion of artists like Wiz Khalifa and Dom Kennedy bridges generational gaps, uniting various eras of hip-hop under one roof.

Chupacabra is not just an album; it’s a celebration of hip-hop’s evolution and the enduring spirit of collaboration. DJ Quik’s seasoned hand at production and Jason Martin’s sharp lyrical delivery create a tapestry that reflects hip-hop’s roots and indicates its future direction. The album is a cultural touchstone for 2024, marking another milestone in the careers of these two prolific artists.