Marsha Ambrosius Shares Preview Of ‘Casablanco’ With Method Man

Grammy-nominated British singer-songwriter Marsha Ambrosius has given fans a sneak peek of her highly anticipated Casablanco album, produced by hip-hop legend Dr. Dre. In a video shared on her Instagram, Ambrosius is seen sharing a private listening session with Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan.

During the conversation, Ambrosius tells Method Man that he has a piece of Casablanco and she wants to share it with him. As Method Man puts on a pair of headphones and starts dancing to the music, he is visibly moved by what he hears. “Ya’ll murderin’ this shit. You gonna make me cry out in this motherfucker,” he tells Ambrosius, praising her songwriting skills and referencing influences like Minnie Ripperton.

As the private listening session comes to a close, Method Man expresses his desire to be the lead in the music video for the track. This interaction between the two artists has created even more buzz around the upcoming album, which Ambrosius has announced will be released on June 28th under Interscope/Aftermath.

Leading up to the release date announcement, Ambrosius teased fans with a video of her scrolling through inquiries about the album’s release, sparking excitement and speculation. Queries ranged from its status as a potential “Marshtox” – a nod to Dr. Dre’s famously unreleased Detox album – to concerns over it being shelved indefinitely. The singer has dropped two singles, “The Greatest” and “One Night Stand,” which have already showcased her and Dr. Dre’s ability to craft emotional and authentic narratives.

With a powerhouse production team that includes Dem Jointz, Focus…, Fredwreck, Trevor Lawrence, Jr., and Erik “Blu2th” Griggs, Casablanco is set to be a reflection of Ambrosius’s unique vision and Dr. Dre’s unmatched production expertise. Fans can expect a blend of soulful storytelling and expertly crafted beats when the album finally drops later this month.