LL Cool J Announces New Single “Saturday Night Special” Coming June 14th; New Album ‘The FORCE’ Dropping This Fall

LL Cool J took to Instagram Live to make a major announcement regarding his highly anticipated album, The FORCE. The iconic rapper revealed that the first single from the album, titled “Saturday Night Special,” will be dropping on June 14. Fans can sign up for pre-save on LLCoolJ.com to gain exclusive access to the track listing for The FORCE and be the first to hear new music.

During the live stream, LL Cool J expressed his excitement about the upcoming release, stating, “It’s absolutely official, I’m dropping the new single from the album on June 14 next week, in seven days.” He also assured his fans that the album is complete and will be released in the fall.

In addition to the single release, LL Cool J hinted at more music to come before the full album drop, promising a plethora of new tracks for his dedicated fan base. By signing up for pre-save, fans can stay updated on all the latest news and releases leading up to the highly anticipated album release in the fall.

With this announcement, LL Cool J has once again proven himself to be a trailblazer in the music industry, continuously evolving and delivering fresh content for his audience. Stay tuned for “Saturday Night Special” on June 14 and be sure to pre-save The FORCE for an exclusive sneak peek at what’s to come from this legendary artist.