Little Geezus Drops ‘Juan Way Or No Way’ Album Featuring ESC Deez, Big Mfn Jada & BoBo

Chicago’s own Little Geezus has released his highly anticipated nine-track album, Juan Way Or No Way. The album, which features collaborations with notable artists such as ESC DeezBig Mfn Jada, and BoBo, is a dedication to his late brother. Juan Way Or No Way is not just an album; it’s a woven narrative of memory and homage reflecting Little Geezus’s journey and the indelible impact of his brother’s legacy.

Formerly known as Little G, Little Geezus has been a dynamic presence in the Chicago music scene. His diverse style and distinctive sound have become his signature, transcending genres and expectations. This new album continues that tradition, offering listeners a window into his soul.

Earlier this year, Little Geezus released “Falling Star,” and previously collaborated on Da Last Don with East Side Crazy Deez showcasing his versatility and ability to connect with fellow artists and the audience alike. Little Geezus’s influence extends beyond his own projects as he is set to feature on Big Mfn Jada’s forthcoming debut album, Big Ma, further solidifying his role as a collaborator and innovator in the industry.