Ez Mil Unveils Electrifying “New York” Freestyle

Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment artist Ez Mil has returned to the spotlight with a scorching new freestyle titled “New York.” The track, which rides over the instrumental of D-Block Europe and Clavish’s hit song “Pakistan,” is a demonstration of Ez Mil’s unwavering creativity and lyrical finesse.

The enigmatic artist, signed to Eminem and Dr. Dre, recently surprised fans with the announcement, leaving them eagerly awaiting the release. In a playful social media post, Ez Mil teased, “Feeling cute, might release a freestyle later.” Little did fans know that this would mark his first official offering since the “Up Down” remix featuring A Boogie Wit da Hoodie a few months ago.

The original version of “Up Down (Step & Walk)” is from Ez Mil’s 2022 album, DU4LI7Y, on which he showcased his production skills by handling the beats himself. For “New York,” Ez Mil effortlessly glides over a 16-bit futuristic backdrop, blending elements of old-school boom bap with a touch of A.I.-inspired style.

Adding to the intrigue, Ez Mil is accompanied by his trusty sidekick, R4C7, a little robot friend who contributes synths to the mix. The synergy between man and machine creates an otherworldly sonic experience.

Last year, rap legend Eminem himself took notice of Ez Mil’s talent. Sharing the rising artist’s song “Up Down (Step & Walk)” on social media, Eminem declared, “This is why we signed him.” The endorsement led to a pivotal moment: Ez Mil traveled from Vegas to Los Angeles to meet with Dr. Dre and Eminem face-to-face for the first time.

In an exclusive interview with Chad Kiser for Conversations With Chad in August 2023, Ez Mil delved into his early career, the hurdles he faced, and the surprising aspects of the music industry. He reflected on the viral success of his track “Panalo” and its influence on his trajectory. But the highlight was undoubtedly his journey from obscurity to signing with two rap icons: Eminem and Dr. Dre. The events that led up to his signing, the creative process behind “Up Down (Step & Walk),” and the magic of working with Eminem—all unfolded in a candid conversation.

With the legacy of Slim Shady looming large, this freestyle may just be the opening act for something even more extraordinary. Stay tuned for the next chapter in Ez Mil’s musical odyssey