DJ Muggs & Mooch Drop “Uncut Hope” Music Video From ‘Roc Star’ Album

In a captivating fusion of artistry, DJ Muggs and Mooch of Da Cloth have dropped their latest visual masterpiece for the track “Uncut Hope.” This dynamic duo, known for their seamless chemistry and unwavering commitment to their craft, presents a visual experience that transcends mere music.

Roc Star, their collaborative album, hit the shelves earlier this year, boasting a dozen tracks that blend the unique talents of both artists. But it’s more than just an album—it’s an exemplification of dedication and meticulous attention to detail. At the helm of production, DJ Muggs spared no effort in creating a sonic landscape that defies convention.

While DJ Muggs, a master of his craft, meticulously crafted each track, he wasn’t alone in this endeavor. Sam Kingston shared mixing responsibilities, ensuring that every note resonated with precision. When it came to mastering, the iconic Brian “Big Bass” Gardner lent his expertise, adding the final polish to the auditory canvas.

But “Roc Star” goes beyond individual tracks. Each song is a chapter in a larger narrative—a reflection of the artist’s journey and growth. Previously released tracks like “Belly,” “It Ain’t Ready,” “Mooch Moses,” and “Trumpets” showcase the album’s depth.

And now, with the visual for “Uncut Hope,” DJ Muggs and Mooch invite us into their world—an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of their creativity.