Zoe Osama Drops The Wav Runnerz-Produced Single “Aye Citch”

Zoe Osama, the über-talented and emerging West Coast artist, is back in the spotlight with his dynamic new single “Aye Citch.” This South Central Los Angeles native infuses the West Coast hip-hop scene with his distinctive flair, solidifying his position as one of the fresh and influential voices in the genre.

The track “Aye Citch” bursts with vitality, encapsulating Osama’s authentic style and raw skill. It’s a seamless fusion of robust beats crafted by The Wav Runnerz, paying homage to the legendary west coast emcee Xzibit while innovating with a modernistic twist on the classic Dr. Dre-produced hit “X.” The track’s initial beat drop amplifies Zoe’s signature cadence and assertive presence. Zoe asserts his commitment to authenticity and respect for the icons of the genre.