Da Beatminerz Tap De La Soul, Pharoahe Monch, Rasheed Chapell & Corey Glover On ‘My Year’ Single & Music Video

While Da Beatminerz have come to define a very specific sound in Hip-Hop over the course of their illustrious career spanning more than three decades, the bulk of their production work is credited on albums by other artists. Their recent output, however, has been focused on their own proper full-length album, Stifled Creativity. This past Friday, May 10th, the seminal hip-hop production duo, also known as the “Boom Bap Ambassadors,” shared the album’s second single, “My Year,” with verses from De La Soul, Pharoahe Monch, Rasheed Chappell, and Corey Glover of Living Colour.

This week, Da Beatminerz dropped the song’s vibrant Anthony Edwards-animated music video debuted on YouTube.  

Da Beatminerz defined underground hip-hop’s dark, gritty sound in the ’90s. Formed in 1992 by brothers Walter “Mr. Walt and Ewart “DJ Evil Dee” Dewgarde, the production duo pioneered hip-hop’s brooding vibes, a tonal shift that came with the release of Black Moon’s classic debut album Enta Da Stage. As producers of the seminal 1993 project, Da Beatminerz set a precedent for hardcore hip-hop. Their sample-heavy, gutter tracks with heavy basslines and hard kicks and snares helped reshape the music genre.

In 1995, along with a third official member, Baby Paul, Da Beatminerz produced the entirety of Smif-N-Wessun‘s classic debut album Dah Shinin’. Their production credits eventually extended to records by Naughty By NatureEminemD’ AngeloMOPHeltah SkeltahBusta RhymesNextEightball & MJGNasDave EastRemy MaStyles PGhostface Killah, among others.

By 2001, Da Beatminerz expanded to five members, with producers Rich Blak and Chocolate Ty joining Baby Paul, Evil Dee, and Mr. Walt. That year, the group released their debut album Brace 4 Impak, via underground staple Rawkus Records. The album featured guest appearances from Royce Da 5’9″Ras KassDiamond DPete RockTalib Kweli, and more. 

By 2004, the crew narrowed back to its original members, Evil Dee and Mr. Walt, and the duo released their second album, Fully Loaded w/ Statik, followed by their instrumental album Unmarked Music, Vol. 1 in 2007.  Da Beatminerz went on to lend music to an episode of Hulu‘s hit series Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Moving into multimedia, the duo produced music for VH1’s series The Breaks, and helped score Netflix’s The Forty-Year-Old Version.

Stifled Creativity is due out on June 21, 2024, just a day shy of the 20th anniversary of Da Beatminerz’s sophomore album Fully Loaded w/ Statik. Pre-order/save the album via Soulspazm here.