Izrell Drops CMT Miraculous-Produced ‘Timeless’ EP Via Way Under Par Media

Oakland, California’s Izrell, a rising star in the music industry, released his latest project, the Timeless EP. This five-track masterpiece defies conventions and blends genres, emotions, and sonic landscapes.

The enigmatic CMT Miraculous, a multi-platinum producer from the West Coast, is at the helm of this EP. Known for his innovative soundscapes and ability to extract raw emotion from beats, CMT has worked with artists such as Ice-T, Spice-1, Master P, E-A-SKi, Luniz, and Jayo Felony. His collaboration with Izrell promises something extraordinary—a fusion of old-school authenticity and futuristic vibes.

Izrell’s Timeless EP isn’t just music; it’s an experience. Through the alchemical collaboration of Izrell and CMT, we witness the birth of something truly timeless. As the EP reverberates through speakers, it reminds us that art transcends boundaries, genres, and eras.