Jay Worthy & Dām-Funk Drop “Westside” Featuring Dram

Jay Worthy and Dām-FunK, two prominent figures in the West Coast music scene, have teamed up for their latest track “Westside,” featuring rapper/producer DRAM. This new single serves as a tribute to the West Coast lifestyle.

In “Westside,” the duo Jay Worthy and Dām-FunK bring back a wave of nostalgia as they lay out their day-to-day experiences to a backdrop that echoes the classic era of G-Funk. Accompanying the release is a music video that showcases Worthy and Dām-FunK cruising in one of Worthy’s vintage red cars—a highlight from his impressive collection—channeling the iconic vibe of the 90s hit film Menace II Society. With a relaxed pace, they set the stage for a journey through the evocative beats that shaped their artistry, almost transporting the listener to the era of hazy lowriders and the unique pulse of California’s hip-hop heritage.

Jay Worthy emerged in the mid-2010s and quickly established himself as a reliable force in the West Coast’s underground music circuit. His collaborations span a range of artists, including DJ Muggs, The Alchemist, Westside Gunn, Kamaiyah, Harry Fraud, and, more recently, Roc Marciano on their joint album “Nothing Bigger Than the Program.”

Dām-FunK enters the scene with a reputation that precedes him. Even before his 2008 signing with Stones Throw Records, he was already a revered figure, dedicated to preserving and advancing the legacy of Boogie and G-Funk. His work has seen him push the genre’s limits, working alongside artists such as Disclosure and Little Dragon, and taking the lead on the 2023 project Dām-FunK Presents The Music of Grand Theft Auto Online Original Score for Rockstar Games.