Snoop Dogg & The Dogg Pound Drop New Rick Rock-Produced “Smoke Up” Music Video, Prep Upcoming ‘W.A.W.G.’ Album

Snoop Dogg, and Kurupt & Daz Dillinger the Dogg Pound have unveiled their latest music video, “Smoke Up,” directed by Snoop Dogg and Dah Dah. This release marks a significant moment for fans of West Coast hip-hop, as the revival of the iconic Dogg Pound duo is in full effect.

In the lead-up to the video’s premiere, Snoop Dogg orchestrated a clever marketing campaign that teased a potential Dogg Pound reunion. With support from industry heavyweights like Swizz Beatz and Flavor Flav, Snoop generated buzz by hinting at the return of Daz & Kurupt, the legendary members of the Dogg Pound. Through a series of intriguing Instagram posts, Snoop shared videos featuring Swizz and Flav eagerly inquiring about the status of the iconic duo, setting the stage for an exciting announcement.

Daz Dillinger, a key figure in the Dogg Pound, had recently alluded to a potential comeback for the group, potentially under the umbrella of Death Row Records, which Snoop Dogg took ownership of in early 2022. In a cryptic Instagram post from early April, Daz posted a photo of himself and Snoop together, accompanied by a caption that read: “AINT NUTHIN LIKE FAMILY CUZZN SO ALL U HATERS DPGC IS BAC.” This mysterious message sparked speculation and anticipation among fans, hinting at a possible resurgence of the Dogg Pound’s legacy.

As the Rick Rock-produced “Smoke Up” music video comes to a close, viewers are treated to a surprise announcement in the form of an ad for an upcoming Dogg Pound album. Titled W.A.W.G., the album is set to drop in June and will be released under the iconic Death Row Records label. This revelation further solidifies the anticipation surrounding the Dogg Pound’s return and hints at a promising future for the group under Snoop Dogg’s stewardship.

The release of the “Smoke Up” music video, along with the announcement of the forthcoming album, has ignited excitement within the hip-hop community. With Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound at the forefront, fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the group’s journey. As the legacy of the Dogg Pound continues to resonate with audiences, the future looks bright for these West Coast rap icons. Stay tuned for more updates on the Dogg Pound’s highly-anticipated album release and their enduring impact on the hip-hop landscape.