RBX & MC Eiht Connect On ‘Midnight Drive’

In an electrifying fusion of talent, Long Beach’s own RBX has joined forces with Compton’s MC Eiht to drop a new single and music video titled “Midnight Drive.” The track is another standout piece from RBX’s latest album, Hibernation Shivers.

The production of “Midnight Drive” showcases the combined genius of Sccit and Siavash The Grouch, with Eligh of Living Legends contributing as a co-producer. The music video is a homage to the West Coast, featuring a mesmerizing nocturnal tune that perfectly encapsulates the vibe of a midnight cruise through the streets of Los Angeles.

In a press release statement RBX, known for his influential role in the hip-hop scene, remarked on the collaboration, “Compton & Long Beach together… now you know you’re in trouble… The 2024 version, ya dig?” Echoing this sentiment, MC Eiht added, “Geah! Live & die in LA… He wrote The Chronic so when he hits me up I show up. Eyes on the prize.”

The producers behind the single, Sccit & Siavash, expressed their enthusiasm for the project. “We’re talking about the two biggest West Coast regions in hip-hop history… Any time Long Beach hooks up with Compton, you know that’s going to be a classic off top. No way I couldn’t bring my A-Game for a historic collaboration of this magnitude. This is the hip-hop equivalent of Sublime collaborating with The Red Hot Chili Peppers… It’s about time to show our hip-hop legends that same respect!” Siavash added, “One of my favorites from the album. X and Eiht go together like peanut butter and jelly.”

Hibernation Shivers, RBX’s comeback album, was released last month via Labcabin Records. The album, currently available as a CD and Bandcamp digital exclusive, is expected to hit streaming platforms and vinyl soon. Fans eager to experience this latest chapter in RBX’s storied career can purchase the album here.