Black C Drops ‘Heavy In It’ Album Featuring Hallway Productionz, Cutty Dre, Joe Fresco + More

San Francisco’s own Black C, a revered West Coast hip-hop figure and a founding member of the iconic R.B.L. Posse, has released his latest solo endeavor titled Heavy In It. This 16-track album is a testament to Black C’s enduring influence in the genre and his ability to continually evolve his sound while staying true to his roots.

Heavy In It emerges as a powerful addition to Black C’s discography, offering a rich tapestry of beats and rhymes that reflect both his personal journey and the broader narratives of life in the Bay Area. The project is a collaborative effort, featuring the production talents of Hallway Productionz, Cutty Dre, Mekoah James, and others, with contributions from artists like Joe Fresco and CW Da 3rd among others. Each track is a carefully crafted piece, blending traditional hip-hop elements with contemporary sounds to create a unique auditory experience.

Throughout the album, Black C navigates through various themes, from the struggles and triumphs of street life to the celebration of community and resilience. His ability to articulate these experiences with authenticity and insight is evident in tracks that resonate with listeners on a visceral level. The guest features add depth and diversity to the project, with each artist bringing their unique style to the table, further enriching the overall sound.

Black C’s previous release, last year’s collaborative album Ruthless with Joe Fresco, was a celebration of synergy between the two artists. Featuring the same high-caliber production from Hallway Productionz and a roster of talented artists like Dezzy HollowCadenceDubbAnthony DanzaSelena Marie, and others, Ruthless was a project that highlighted the collective strength and dynamic nature of collaboration.