DJ Muggs & Mooch Drop “Soul Screaming” Music Video Off ‘Roc Star’ Album

DJ Muggs and Mooch of Da Cloth have recently unveiled their new visual for the track “Soul Screaming,” a compelling release of their collaborative effort on the album Roc Star, which hit the shelves last month, offering a dozen tracks that blend the unique talents of both artists.

Roc Star stands as a testament to the dedication and meticulous attention to detail that DJ Muggs has poured into the production. The album’s creation was a dedicated process, with DJ Muggs at the helm, Sam Kingston sharing mixing responsibilities, and the iconic Brian “Big Bass” Gardner bringing his expertise to the mastering phase. The result is an auditory experience that captivates listeners, drawing them into the nuanced world crafted by these artists.

The tracks “Belly,” “It Ain’t Ready,” “Mooch Moses,” and “Trumpets” are just a few examples of the album’s depth and the artists’ commitment to evolving their sound. Each song is a chapter in a larger narrative, reflecting the artists’ journey and growth.

The collaboration between DJ Muggs and Mooch is not a new venture. Their partnership was first established with the track “Where Ya Soul At” from Rigz’s Gold album in 2022. The positive reception of this track laid the groundwork for Roc Star. The seamless integration of DJ Muggs’ intricate production with Mooch’s unique vocal delivery has set a new bar for collaborations in the industry.

Roc Star is more than just an album; it’s a harmonious blend of two distinct artistic visions, coming together to forge a path in hip-hop that is both innovative and respectful of the genre’s roots. DJ Muggs and Mooch have created not just music, but a movement, one that speaks to the soul of hip-hop enthusiasts and beyond.