ESC Deez & Uncle JoNH III Drop “Grey Poupon (Intro)” Visualizer Off The ‘Pharmacudical’ EP

East Side Crazy Deez, known in the music circles as ESC Deez, has joined forces with Uncle John III to unveil the “Grey Poupon (Intro)” visualizer, a creative prelude from their Pharmacudical EP. This visual piece serves as an engaging introduction to the EP, setting the tone for the auditory journey that follows.

The Pharmacudical EP, a concise yet potent 5-track project, features collaborations with Easy O’Hare and Liffy Stokes, adding layers of depth to the already rich tapestry of ESC Deez’s work. This EP continues the narrative that ESC Deez has been crafting through his music, reflecting his experiences and observations.

ESC Deez’s journey in the music industry is marked by a series of impactful releases. Earlier this year, he expanded his discography with the two-disc set Da Last Don, which saw him working alongside a roster of skilled artists including Big Mfn Jada, Cartel Splash, Bennie Franks, Little Geezus, Liffy Stokes, Cella Blanco, and Tru Foe.

His previous works, such as the 11 Summaz and Pirates EPs, have been a display of his artistic adaptability, exploring various themes and sounds. Additionally, singles like “Family Tradition,” “I C Red,” “Dawg,” “Hunid, Hunid,” “Therapy,” and “Vanilla Coke” have cemented ESC Deez’s reputation as an artist who can consistently produce engaging and memorable music.

ESC Deez’s ability to connect with his audience through his music is evident in his growing discography. Each release builds upon the last, offering a window into his evolving artistry. The Pharmacudical EP and the “Grey Poupon (Intro)” visualizer are the latest additions to this evolution, promising to be a treat for both long-time followers and newcomers to his sound.