Sccit & Rory Redmon Drop New Siavash The Grouch-Presented Single “Bumpy Johnson”

Los Angeles-based emcee and producer, Sccit, has recently joined forces with Hawaiian emcee, Rory Redmon, and Los Angeles producer, Siavash The Grouch, to drop a fresh new single titled “Bumpy Johnson.” This collaboration brings together a unique blend of talent and creativity from different coasts, resulting in a track that is bound to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

The single is driven by a mesmerizing, bass-heavy production that sets the tone for introspective and rapid-fire flows that captivate from start to finish. As the verses unfold, the lyrics take you on a dynamic journey, traversing through the landscapes of California to the laid-back vibes of Wahiawa in Hawaii.

Having recently contributed to west coast legend RBX’s comeback album, Hibernation Shivers, Sccit and Siavash bring their expertise to the table with “Bumpy Johnson.” Reflecting on the creation process, Sccit expressed how the chorus crafted by Rory inspired him to channel his emotions into the verses, resulting in what he believes to be a timeless piece of work. Siavash also chimed in, highlighting the fusion of California and Hawaiian influences in the production, creating a unique blend of energies that resonate throughout the track.

Rory Redmon, shedding light on the song’s title, explained the significance of paying tribute to the legendary figure, Bumpy Johnson. Drawing parallels between Johnson’s commitment to his community and his own aspirations to uplift and support his own people, Rory infuses the track with a sense of purpose and homage.

As Sccit and Rory gear up for their respective album releases – Sccit with his solo debut, Maimonides, and Rory Redmon with his latest project, Tabernacle – “Bumpy Johnson” serves as a glimpse into the artistry and vision that both artists bring to the table, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting chapter in their musical journeys.