E-40 Drops Moxiii Double Dee-Produced “Succas” Music Video Featuring Trae The Truth

E-40, the legendary rapper from the Bay Area, has recently released a new music video for his track “Succas”, featuring Trae The Truth. Directed by Jae Synth, the visually captivating video brings the song to life in a fresh and dynamic way.

Produced by Moxiii Double Dee, “Succas” is one of the standout tracks from E-40’s latest album, Rule Of Thumb: Rule 1. Known for his unique style and infectious flow, E-40 delivers his signature West Coast sound on this hard-hitting track, while Trae The Truth adds his own flavor to the collaboration.

This latest release adds to E-40’s impressive catalog of music videos from the Rule Of Thumb: Rule 1 album, including hits like “The Game”, “GPS”, “Show You How To Do It”, “Lift It”, and “Off Dat Mob”. Each video showcases E-40’s ability to connect with his audience through his music and visual storytelling.

As a pioneer in the rap game, E-40 continues to push boundaries and set new standards for hip-hop artists. With the release of “Succas” and its accompanying music video, E-40 once again proves why he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.