Marsha Ambrosius Drops “One Night Stand” Produced By Dr. Dre & Blu2th

Grammy-nominated British singer-songwriter Marsha Ambrosius has recently dropped her latest single, “One Night Stand,” as a preview of her upcoming album, Casablanco, set to be released via Aftermath Records. The track, produced by the iconic Dr. Dre and Erik “Blu2th” Griggs, showcases Ambrosius’ ability to connect with her audience through her soulful vocals and evocative lyrics.

Throughout her career, Ambrosius has established herself as a captivating artist known for her emotive performances and soul-stirring music. With a reputation for delivering songs that resonate deeply with listeners, Ambrosius has earned the title of the “songstress of soul.” Her latest single, “One Night Stand,” is a testament to her continued dedication to creating music that touches the hearts of her audience.

The collaboration with Dr. Dre and Blu2th resulted in a compelling and soulful ballad that showcases Ambrosius’ talent and versatility as an artist. “One Night Stand” explores themes of love, desire, and vulnerability, offering listeners a glimpse into the complexities of modern relationships. Ambrosius’ emotive delivery and poignant lyrics invite listeners to reflect on their own experiences and emotions, creating a powerful connection between the artist and the audience.

In December of last year Ambrosius, the former member of the R&B duo Floetry, released her first single from the Casablanco album, “The Greatest”, produced by Dr. Dre and his production group, the ICU.

As Ambrosius prepares to release her upcoming album, Casablanco, “One Night Stand” serves as a tantalizing glimpse of what is to come. The track sets the stage for an album that promises to be a compelling musical journey. With Dr. Dre and the Aftermath team of producers including Dem JointzFocus…Fredwreck, Trevor Lawrence, Jr., and Blu2th at her side, Ambrosius is poised to deliver an extraordinary collection of songs that will leave a lasting impact on the music industry.

Through her collaboration with Dr. Dre, Ambrosius continues to push boundaries and create music that resonates with audiences worldwide. As fans eagerly anticipate the release of her upcoming album, Casablanco, “One Night Stand” stands as a shining example of Ambrosius’ talent and creativity.