Xzibit & Tammy The Cannabis Cutie Share Early Marijuana Experiences

During their appearance on the Conversations With Chad podcast announcing the upcoming launch of the new weekly podcast series, Lasagna Ganja, multi-platinum artist and hip-hop legend Xzibit and cannabis advocate, educator, and entrepreneur, Tammy The Cannabis Cutie opened up about their earliest marijuana experiences. Hosts Chad Kiser and Shad Reed delved into the topic with the two guests, who shared some enlightening and entertaining stories about their first encounters with the plant.

Xzibit, known for his hits like “X” and “Paparazzi,” revealed that he first tried marijuana as a teenager, but said, “As I matured as an artist it became a necessary part of my creative process,” Xzibit shared. “It’s played a very important part in my overall well-being.”

Tammy The Cannabis Cutie, a prominent figure in the cannabis community, also shared her early experiences with marijuana. She talked about how she first tried the plant in college but had an earlier experience with the familiarity of the smell of marijuana.

“I’ll never forget the smell. I don’t know why 10-year-old Tam had a very familiar smell.” Tammy said. The recollection prompted laughter from Xzibit. “Maybe my mom was consuming in the house when I was little.”

During the full interview, both Xzibit and Tammy have emphasized the importance of responsible cannabis use and highlighted the positive impact that the plant can have on people’s lives when consumed. They also discussed the ongoing efforts to destigmatize marijuana and promote its medicinal properties.

The episode of Conversations With Chad served as a platform for Xzibit and Tammy to share their personal experiences with marijuana and shed light on the evolving attitudes towards cannabis in society. The candid and lively conversation between the guests and hosts provided listeners with a deeper understanding of the role that marijuana plays in their lives and in the broader cultural landscape.

As conversations around marijuana continue to evolve and legalization efforts gain momentum, the insights shared by Xzibit and Tammy on the podcast serve as a valuable contribution to the ongoing dialogue surrounding cannabis use and its potential benefits.