Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre Share Update On ‘Missionary’ Album

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre recently made an appearance on the popular late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they shared a noteworthy update on the progress of their highly anticipated collaborative album, Missionary. The duo, known for their longstanding musical partnership dating back to the iconic Doggystyle album in 1993, revealed exciting details about their upcoming project.

During the show, Dr. Dre reminisced about their history together, highlighting the special significance of their first collaboration three decades ago. He disclosed, “The first album I’ve done with Snoop was in 1993, and it’s the only album I ever produced on Snoop. 30 years ago, so now, believe it or not, we are getting together again and we are almost done with the album.” The duo decided to pay homage to their musical roots by naming the new album “Missionary,” a clever nod to their classic Doggystyle debut.

When Jimmy Kimmel inquired about the album’s release, Snoop Dogg confidently affirmed, “It’s gonna come out. Dr. Dre will begin mixing in mid-April.” The buzz surrounding Missionary began to build late last year when Snoop hinted at the project on social media. The rapper had previously confirmed the album’s existence during an appearance on Steven A. Smith‘s podcast, Know Mercy, where he excitedly shared details about their collaboration and anticipated completion date.

Describing the album’s sound, revered rapper The D.O.C offered insights during an interview, noting that Missionary captures the essence of the old and new Death Row Records era. Snoop Dogg later praised the album as “masterful,” emphasizing the growth and evolution in his artistry under Dr. Dre’s mentorship. He commended Dre for pushing his boundaries, likening the production process to a creative challenge that elevated his performance.

Further adding to the anticipation surrounding Missionary, rapper and producer Erick Sermon teased the presence of a “crazy” song on the album, hinting at the diverse and innovative musical landscape that listeners can expect. As fans eagerly await the release of this long-awaited project, the collaboration between Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre continues to generate excitement and intrigue within the hip-hop community. Their shared history and undeniable chemistry promise a musical experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the industry.