Cannabis Meets Culture: Xzibit’s West Coast Cannabis Dispensary Opens In Bel-Air

West Coast hip-hop icon Xzibit has embarked on an exciting new chapter with the establishment of Xzibit’s West Coast Cannabis dispensary in the upscale enclave of Bel-Air. This incredible venture sets the stage for a distinctive cannabis experience, catering to a diverse clientele seeking quality products and expert guidance in a luxurious setting.

The grand opening of XWCC on March 17th drew a notable crowd of friends and collaborators, including West Coast OG, pioneer, and Tha Alkoholiks group founder King T, as well as Grammy Award-winning producers Fredwreck and Focus.

About the endeavor, Xzibit told Chad Kiser exclusively, “After being in the cannabis industry for over a decade and building brands that have become globally recognized, retail was always part of the plan but never really came together. Now being able to open XWCC with a strong like minded group of operators and owners, we have created an exciting new experience in the world of dispensaries. XWCC, is where culture meets cannabis, and the culture comes first.”

Xzibit’s foray into the cannabis industry has been marked by strategic alliances and visionary leadership. In 2022, he entered into a significant partnership with Buddies Brand, Inc., assuming the role of Creative Director for the Buddies and Napalm cannabis products. This collaboration positioned Xzibit at the forefront of product development and brand strategy, showcasing his commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards.

Complementing his business endeavors, Xzibit recently launched a compelling weekly podcast titled Lasagna Ganja, co-hosted by the esteemed cannabis advocate Tammy The Cannabis Cutie. This platform serves as a forum for engaging discussions on cannabis culture, advocacy, and education, further solidifying Xzibit’s influence and impact in the industry.

With Xzibit at the helm, XWCC is poised to become a premier destination for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a blend of luxury, expertise, and community. As the industry continues to evolve, Xzibit’s latest venture represents a bold step forward, offering a unique and immersive space where passion, innovation, and excellence converge.