414BigFrank Goes Viral With New Single “Eat Her Up”

Entertainment industry executive and mega-manager Stan Sheppard, along with the Eternal Music Group, are celebrating a major milestone with the breakout artist 414BigFrank and their hit single “Eat Her Up”. The track has taken the world by storm, exploding across digital platforms like TikTok and YouTube, solidifying its status as a certified international smash. 414BigFrank’s first two singles “Eat Her Up” and “Back Pack” have combined to accumulate over 100 million views across various digital platforms.

The success of “Eat Her Up” can be attributed in part to the strategic marketing efforts led by renowned marketing guru KB “The Playmaker”. With his expertise and vision, the global promotion and marketing campaign for the single has been nothing short of a phenomenon, propelling 414BigFrank to new heights of fame and recognition.

The collaboration between Stan Sheppard, The Eternal Music Group, and 414BigFrank has proven to be a winning formula, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide and leaving a lasting impact on the music scene. As “Eat Her Up” continues to soar in popularity, it stands as a testament to the power of innovative marketing strategies and the transformative influence of talented artists and industry professionals working together to create something truly extraordinary.