RBX Recalls “Remember Me” With Dr. Dre, Eminem & Sticky Fingaz

In a recent installment of Conversations With Chad, veteran rapper RBX sat down with Chad Kiser to revisit one of the most memorable moments in his career: his guest feature on Eminem‘s groundbreaking album, The Marshall Mathers LP. RBX’s appearance on the track “Remember Me?” alongside Sticky Fingaz remains a standout moment in the history of rap music, captivating fans worldwide with its raw energy and lyrical mastery.

“Remember Me?” is widely regarded as a fan favorite, known for its intense and unapologetic delivery from Eminem, RBX, and Sticky Fingaz. The track, produced by Dr. Dre and Mel-Man, features a menacing beat that sets the stage for each artist to showcase their unique style and flow.

During his conversation with Chad Kiser, RBX reflected on the experience of working on “Remember Me?” and shared insights into the creative process behind the track. As he looked back on that iconic collaboration, RBX offered a glimpse into the chemistry between himself, Eminem, and Sticky Fingaz, highlighting the dynamic energy and mutual respect that fueled their performances on the song.

RBX’s presence on “Remember Me?” stands as a testament to his artistry and skill as a rapper, earning him a permanent place in hip-hop history. His ability to hold his own alongside rap legends like Eminem and Sticky Fingaz is a testament to his talent and versatility as an artist, showcasing his ability to adapt to different styles and deliver standout performances on some of the genre’s most iconic tracks.

As fans continue to revisit The Marshall Mathers LP and celebrate its enduring influence on the rap landscape, RBX’s reflections on his contribution to the album serve as a poignant reminder of the impact of collaboration and creativity in shaping the evolution of hip-hop. Through his conversation with Chad Kiser, RBX offered a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes moments that led to the creation of a classic track that continues to resonate with audiences around the world.