Scarface Embarking On Behind The Desk Experience Tour

Scarface, the legendary Geto Boys MC, is set to embark on a month-long tour across the United States this spring. This decision comes after a recent surge in his reputation as a live performer. Last year, Scarface performed six of his most beloved songs during an appearance on NPR‘s Tiny Desk Concert series, which garnered widespread praise from the hip-hop community and beyond. It seems that the veteran rapper has taken notice of the positive feedback.

The tour, called The Brad “Scarface” Jordan Behind The Desk Experience, will kick off in Miami, FL on March 10 and will run for a little over a month, culminating in a final show in Charlotte, NC on April 14.

After his Tiny Desk Concert, Scarface revealed that the performance was a significant moment for him. He expressed that it held a special meaning because the record producer, Mike Dean, played the original parts of the songs during the set. Dean’s involvement was important to Scarface because those parts originated from him.

Mike Dean, along with Joseph “N.O. Joe” Johnson, helped shape the sound of Southern rap in the 1990s through their work on the Rap-A-Lot Records label. Their contributions to Scarface’s music are undeniably significant. However, Dean humbly refused to take too much credit for his musical contributions, emphasizing that Scarface was the one directing him and N.O. Joe throughout the creative process.

Scarface’s decision to go on a month-long tour reflects his renewed commitment to live performances. The positive reception of his Tiny Desk Concert has not only boosted his reputation as a live performer but also showcased his enduring talent as a rapper. Fans can expect an unforgettable experience as Scarface brings his beloved songs to life on stage, delivering a performance that lives up to his legendary status in the hip-hop community.