Little Geezus Of The Filthy Gwuap Cartel Drops “Falling Stars” Single

Little Geezus of the Filthy Gwuap Cartel just dropped his latest single, “Falling Star.” The Chicago-based rapper has been making a name for himself within the hip-hop scene, and his recent collaborations with artists like East Side Crazy Deez and Big Mfn Jada are solidifying his place in the industry.

Earlier this year, Little Geezus featured on the album, Da Last Don, by East Side Crazy Deez. Alongside fellow Cartel members such as Cartel Splash, Bennie Franks, Liffy Stokes, and Cella Blanco, Little Geezus delivered an impressive performance.

Not slowing down, Little Geezus is set to make an appearance on Big Mfn Jada’s upcoming debut album, aptly titled Big Ma, a collaboration promising to be an exciting and dynamic.

The Filthy Gwuap Cartel crew, based in Chicago, has been steadily building an impressive discography. With releases like the “11 Summaz” and “Pirates” EPs, as well as singles such as “Family Tradition,” “I C Red,” “Dawg,” and “Hunid, Hunid,” the collective is leaving a lasting impression on the hip-hop community. The 9-track Jada Cartel mixtape from Big Mfn Jada further showcases the collective’s talent and dedication to their craft.

As the Filthy Gwuap Cartel expands its reach and continues to make a name for itself, fans can expect even more exciting releases in the future. Little Geezus and his fellow Cartel members are proving to be forces to be reckoned with in the hip-hop scene, showcasing their versatility, talent, and dedication to creating music that leaves a lasting impact.

With “Falling Star” Little Geezus is solidifying his place in the industry and establishing himself as an artist to watch. Fans can anticipate more incredible music from this rising star and the Filthy Gwuap Cartel as they continue to make their mark on the hip-hop landscape.