Lou Williams On Why NBA Players Are Tired Of Prop Bets & Untold Stories From His Time In The NBA + More On ‘The Big Podcast With Shaq’

This week’s episode of The Big Podcast with Shaq, presented by Playmaker HQ, features Lou Williams and comedy legend Bill Bellamy for a round table discussion covering all things hoops and comedy. 

In the episode, Lou-Will opens up about why NBA players can’t stand hearing about player prop bets and the wild amount of disrespect they receive on DM.  He also retells the infamous story of the time Kobe Bryant took back all of his signature shoes from his fellow Lakers teammates and the time he was let down by his former idol Penny Hardaway as a kid and how it led to real beef with the star point guard. 

Later, Shaq shares the one time he had to put his hands on Lou during a game and reveals the time he got a visit from Jerry West, Magic Johnson, and Mitch Kupchack after trying to force rookie duties upon a young Kobe Bryant.