Rostrum Pacific Acquires Legendary Retail Brand and Distributor Fat Beats

Rostrum Pacific, a multifaceted entertainment company, has announced its acquisition of Fat Beats, a renowned distributor and retail brand. This move comes as Rostrum Records celebrates its 20th anniversary and the launch of Rostrum Pacific. With this acquisition, Rostrum aims to enhance Fat Beats’ strategic growth by providing access to resources, tools, and sister companies Spaceheater, Rostrum Pacific’s catalog marketing arm, and Rostrum Records.

Fat Beats will continue to operate as its own entity under the guidance of Rostrum Pacific’s experienced leadership team. This acquisition also offers benefits for Rostrum artists, as they can now benefit from Fat Beats’ wholesale distribution, e-commerce support, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment. This partnership with Fat Beats creates a direct line to brick-and-mortar stores.

Benjy Grinberg, CEO and Founder of Rostrum Pacific expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating, “Fat Beats is a legendary brand that I’ve been a fan of for decades. Together we can offer a level of professionalism, strategy, and forward thinking that most physical companies lack. The ability to acquire Fat Beats and help it grow to new heights is incredibly exciting for us.”

Joe Abajian, Founder of Fat Beats, also expressed his satisfaction with the acquisition, stating, “We have found the perfect custodians in Benjy and the Rostrum Pacific team, and we’re confident that Fat Beats now has the expertise and resources to continue growing well into the future.”

To lead the next phase of the company, Rostrum Pacific has named Kevin Engler as General Manager of Fat Beats and Bobby Israeli as Head of E-Commerce for Rostrum Pacific. Engler brings 30 years of music industry experience, having previously worked at Universal Music Group for close to two decades. Israeli, on the other hand, led the e-commerce teams and strategy for UMG’s East Coast labels, including Def Jam Records, Island Records, and Verve Music Group, before joining Rostrum Pacific.

Engler’s extensive knowledge and experience in managing a global physical business will be invaluable as Fat Beats enters its new chapter. Israeli’s expertise in building strategies for artists’ official stores will be essential in his role at Rostrum Pacific.

The acquisition of Fat Beats by Rostrum Pacific represents a significant development in the entertainment industry. This partnership promises to offer new opportunities for both companies, as well as Rostrum artists, by combining their strengths and resources in physical distribution and e-commerce.