Kokane Previews Big Zeke & Ant Banks-Produced “Let’s Ride Out” Ahead Of ‘Da Funkin Adventures of Dr. Kokanstine’ Album Release

Kokane, who earlier this week unveiled a snippet of a new track titled “If I Should Fall From Grace” for producer E-A-Ski‘s upcoming Artist/Producer EP, is now sharing a sneak peek for one of the tracks from his own upcoming album Da Funkin Adventures of Dr. Kokanstine. The track, titled “Let’s Ride Out,” is produced by the 80Seven Productions duo of Big Zeke and the legendary Ant Banks. This preview has fans buzzing with excitement for the forthcoming three-disc trilogy album.

Known for his unique style and soulful vocals, Kokane has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry. With Da Funkin Adventures of Dr. Kokanstine, he aims to continue his artistic journey, pushing the boundaries of innovation while staying true to his signature sound.

The album is divided into three distinct chapters, each offering a different sonic experience for listeners. From start to finish, Kokane takes us on a captivating musical journey, showcasing his versatility and artistry. With the snippet of “Let’s Ride Out,” fans get a taste of what’s to come, and it’s clear that Kokane has created something special.

What makes this album even more exciting is the star-studded line-up of collaborators. Kokane has brought together some of the industry’s biggest names, such as Ice Cube, King T, and Kurupt, to create unforgettable tracks. Additionally, his daughter, Aanisah Long, adds her unique talent to the project, making it a truly personal endeavor. The album also features appearances by Suga Free, Cold 187um, Kool Rock Ski of the Fat Boys, and other notable artists, further elevating its star power.

The exceptional production talent on this album cannot be overlooked. With producers like Ant Banks, Big Zeke, Tha Chill, Rhythm D, Cutty Dre, Mofak, and Rob T, the sonic landscape of Da Funkin Adventures of Dr. Kokanstine is rich and diverse. These producers bring their expertise to create a seamless blend of old-school vibes with a modern twist, allowing Kokane’s vocals to shine.

His latest masterpiece, Da Funkin Adventures of Dr. Kokanstine promises to be a journey like no other, showcasing Kokane’s artistry and taking listeners on a captivating ride through the world of his music. So get ready to bounce and groove as Kokane invites us all to join him on this incredible adventure.