T.F Preps New Kal Banx-Produced “Power Up” Music Video Off ‘Feelin’ The Power’ Album

Los Angeles-based rapper T.F is generating significant buzz in the hip-hop scene as he gears up for the release of his highly anticipated music video for the Kal Banx-produced “Power Up,” a track from his latest album, Feelin’ The Power. Fresh off his collaborations with legendary producers DJ Muggs and The Alchemist, as well as the release of his collaborative album with fellow emcee 2Eleven, T.F is ready to showcase his solo artistry once again.

Feelin’ The Power marks T.F’s first solo project since his 2022 releases, Skanless Summer: 80z Babyz and Blame Kansas. Demonstrating his versatility as an artist, T.F seamlessly glides over a mix of West Coast grit, trap beats, and soulful production provided by a talented roster of producers, including Python P, Juice Of All Trades, Kal Banx, Uce Lee, Devin Malik, Mackwop, Y2, DJ Fu, and Roc Marciano.

The album features notable collaborations, with artists such as ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Zacari, ICECOLDBISHOP, Bale, Trizz, and 2Eleven adding their unique flair to the project. With their contributions, T.F paints a vivid picture of his artistic growth since his previous solo releases. By enlisting the support of these commanding artists, T.F solidifies his position as a torchbearer for West Coast hip-hop.

The “Power Up” music video intensifies the anticipation for T.F’s album release. Directed by the visionary team of New High Filmz, the visuals are expected to bring the track to life, capturing the energy and essence of T.F’s music. With his distinct style and commanding presence, T.F aims to leave a lasting impression on viewers, further establishing himself as an artist to watch.

T.F’s dedication to his craft and ability to adapt to different production styles have garnered him attention and respect throughout the hip-hop community. His collaborations with esteemed producers and artists highlight his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his artistry and exploring new sonic territories.

As fans eagerly await the release of the “Power Up” music video, T.F continues to solidify his place as a rising star in the hip-hop industry. His blend of West Coast authenticity, lyrical prowess, and diverse musical influences make him a force to be reckoned with. With Feelin’ The Power, T.F showcases his artistic range and leaves an indelible mark on the rap scene, proving that he is a name to remember.