Goldtoes Presents: “Bay Area Flavors” Music Video Featuring Too Short, Berner, Jenny69 & J-Diggs

The new music video for “Bay Area Flavors”, a Goldtoes presentation, just dropped and features Oakland icon Too Short, veteran rapper and cannabis mogul Berner, J-Diggs, a prolific Bay Area rapper and co-CEO of Thizz Entertainment, and YouTuber, social media influencer, and artist Jenny69.

The Josh Fields-directed “Bay Area Flavors” video is a visual feast, capturing the essence of the Bay Area rap scene. The video showcases the artists immersed in the culture that birthed their musical journeys, with captivating visuals, stylish cinematography, and an authentic representation of the Bay Area’s vibrant energy.

The backbone of “Bay Area Flavors” lies in the melodic interpolation of Too Short’s classic 1995 single, “Cocktales,” produced by Shorty B. The reimagined sound pays tribute to the iconic track while infusing it with a fresh, modern flavor. This reinterpretation serves as a testament to Too Short’s ability to adapt and evolve while staying true to his roots, solidifying his status as a rap legend.

Too Short collaborating with a newer generation of artists on “Bay Area Flavors” demonstrates his commitment to bridging the gap between different eras of rap. By combining his own storied career with the fresh talents of Berner, Jenny69, and J-Diggs, he ensures that the spirit and legacy of Bay Area rap continue to thrive and resonate with fans across generations.