B-Legit Drops “House On A Hill” Music Video Featuring King Cydal

B-Legit, West Coast rapper and a founding member of The Click, just dropped the new music video for “House On A Hill” featuring King Cydal. Directed by the uber-talented Jae Synth, the visuals perfectly complement B-Legit, King Cydal, and this standout song from B-Legit’s Throwblock Music II: 88′ D Boi album.

The “House On A Hill” music video is a stunning visual experience that transports viewers into the world B-Legit paints through his lyrics. The video showcases B-Legit and King Cydal performing amidst the backdrop of a lavish mansion, symbolizing the status and success they’ve achieved through their musical journey. The luxurious setting, combined with the slick cinematography, adds a layer of opulence to the track, making it visually enticing from start to finish. 

“House On A Hill” is a testament to B-Legit’s exceptional lyricism and storytelling ability. His smooth flow and confident delivery perfectly complement the melodic and hard-hitting beat, and teaming up with King Cydal adds an extra layer of depth and diversity to the track. King Cydal’s unique vocal style and dynamic presence inject fresh energy into the song, creating a captivating dynamic between the two artists. Their chemistry is evident, and their collaboration elevates “House On A Hill”.