Brownie Blendz Drops New Single “Bartlett St.” Off Upcoming ‘Big Zeke Presents Brownie Blendz: Kismet’ Album

Oakland, California has always been a hub for creativity and artistic expression, and Brownie Blendz is a shining example of the city’s rich musical heritage. Today (December 8), Blendz just dropped his new single “Bartlett St.”, produced by Big Zeke, off the upcoming album, Big Zeke Presents Brownie Blendz: Kismet.

“Bartlett St.” is a testament to Brownie Blendz’s artistry and showcases his growth as an artist. Produced by the multi-talented Big Zeke, who is known for his ability to create rich, layered sounds that elevate the artist’s vision. The track combines infectious beats with Blendz’s smooth vocals, creating a mesmerizing listening experience. The lyrics tell a story of love and longing, as Blendz takes us on a journey through the streets of Oakland, recounting his experiences and reflecting on the people he has encountered.

Last month, Blendz released the “Bartlett St.” music video, which serves as a teaser for Brownie Blendz’s upcoming album, Big Zeke Presents Brownie Blendz: Kismet. The album, curated by Big Zeke himself, promises to be a masterpiece that showcases Brownie Blendz’s versatility, lyricism, and storytelling abilities. The video provides a glimpse into the sonic and visual landscape of the album, building anticipation for its release.

With his upcoming album, Big Zeke Presents Brownie Blendz: Kismet, Blendz is poised to take his music career to new heights.