Zoe Osama Releases New Easty City (Soak City) Freestyle; YouTube Pulls Video Down

Zoe Osama, the rising star on the West Coast scene, recently dropped a new freestyle titled “Easty City”, a freestyle remix to 310Babii‘s hit single “Soak City”, and showcases Osama’s lyrical prowess and unique style. However, the music video for “Easty City” faced an unexpected setback when YouTube pulled it, in less than 24 hours, due to copyright infringement issues. Despite this setback, Zoe Osama’s talent and determination shine through, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next move.

Zoe Osama has been making waves in the music industry with his distinctive voice and captivating presence. Hailing from Los Angeles, California his music reflects the realities and experiences of growing up in a city filled with both hardship and triumph. His raw, honest lyrics and infectious energy have garnered her a dedicated fanbase and caught the attention of industry insiders and heavyweights.

Earlier this year, Zoe Osama dropped the “Underrated (Remix)” featuring Snoop DoggE-40 & Moneysign Suede, and most recently was featured on the new ProHoeZak-produced E-40 single, “Show You How To Do It”, a track also featuring OT Genasis and G5. The song is part of E-40’s latest album, Rule Of Thumb: Rule 1

Unfortunately, the excitement surrounding the release of the “Easty City” music video was short-lived when YouTube pulled it due to copyright infringement issues. While this is undoubtedly a setback, it is not uncommon for artists to encounter copyright challenges when releasing remixes or freestyles. The music industry is complex, and navigating the intricacies of copyright law can be a challenge for both new and established artists.

In light of YouTube pulling the video, Zoe Osama’s public relations manager Cammie Johnson said, “Instead of flagging and taking down the creativity of artists, YouTube should give an alternative to give part of the royalties to the original artist. It’s strange that they did this with 310 Babii’s song but not for the song Bizzy Body Freestyle originally Paul Wall’s song, Paul actually loved it and reached out to him.”

Zoe Osama’s fans continue to show their support and eagerly await his next move. Despite the YouTube video being pulled, his music continues to resonate with listeners, and his growing fanbase remains dedicated. As an artist on the rise, Zoe Osama is sure to encounter obstacles along the way, but his determination and passion will undoubtedly propel him forward.

Zoe Osama’s “Easty City” freestyle demonstrates his ability to take a popular track and make it his own, showcasing his unique style and talent. As he continues to navigate the ever-changing music industry, it’s clear that Zoe Osama has what it takes to leave a lasting impact on the rap game.