E-40 Drops New Blu & Zylo-Directed Music Video “Show You How To Do It” Featuring OT Genasis, Zoe Osama & G5 (Prod. ProHoeZak & Disco Boogie)

Bay Area rap legend E-40 is back with the release of his new music video for “Show You How To Do It.” This ProHoeZak and Disco Boogie-produced track features the talents of OT Genasis, Zoe Osama, and G5. The song is part of E-40’s latest album, Rule Of Thumb: Rule 1, which has been making waves since its recent release.

E-40, known for his unique flow and innovative wordplay, has been a staple in the hip-hop industry for decades. With hits like “Tell Me When To Go”, “Rapper’s Ball“, and “Choices”, E-40 has solidified his status as an icon in West Coast rap. His ability to adapt to new sounds and collaborate with both established and up-and-coming artists has helped him maintain relevance in an ever-evolving music industry.

“Show You How To Do It” is a testament to E-40’s continued creativity and his commitment to pushing boundaries. The track seamlessly blends his signature style with the energy and charisma of OT Genasis, Zoe Osama, and G5. The supremely produced beat, courtesy of ProHoeZak and Disco Boogie, sets the stage for the artists to deliver their verses with precision and flair.

The music video for “Show You How To Do It” is a visual spectacle, capturing the essence of the song’s vibrant energy. Shot in various locations, the video showcases the artists’ captivating performances, backed by stunning visuals and a lively atmosphere. The chemistry between E-40, OT Genasis, Zoe Osama, and G5 is undeniable, as they effortlessly bounce off each other’s verses, creating an infectious synergy that captivates viewers.

E-40’s “Rule Of Thumb: Rule 1” album has been receiving praise from fans and critics alike. Known for his prolific output, E-40 delivers yet another project filled with witty wordplay, clever storytelling, and captivating production. The album features an impressive lineup of guest artists, with each track showcasing E-40’s ability to create dynamic collaborations that elevate the overall experience. 40 has released 2 other videos of the new album: The Rick Rock-produced “Lift It” featuring Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets, and the Jae Synth-directed “Off Dat Mob” produced by RobLo.

As E-40 and his collaborators grace our screens with their dynamic performances in the “Show You How To Do It” music video, it serves as a reminder of the enduring legacy of Bay Area rap and the influence of E-40. With his distinctive style, unwavering work ethic, and constant innovation, E-40 continues to inspire both aspiring artists and established veterans in the industry.