DMC Talks Adidas, Jam Master Jay, Opening For 2Pac, Addiction, Run-DMC’s Impact, Kurtis Blow, Untold Stories + More On Drink Champs

DMC of the legendary rap group Run-DMC recently made an appearance on the Drink Champs podcast, hosted by N.O.R.E and DJ EFN. As one of the pioneers of hip-hop, DMC’s presence on the show was highly anticipated, and he did not disappoint. Throughout the interview, the hip-hop icon discussed a range of topics, including his iconic collaboration with Adidas, the tragic loss of Jam Master Jay, Run-DMC’s lasting impact on the genre, his admiration for Kurtis Blow, untold stories, and much more.

One of the highlights of the interview was DMC’s discussion of his partnership with Adidas, which ultimately revolutionized the relationship between rap and fashion. Run-DMC’s iconic hit, “My Adidas,” became an anthem for sneaker lovers worldwide, and their endorsement deal with the iconic brand solidified their status as trendsetters. DMC passionately expressed how the song and partnership symbolized the unity between hip-hop, street culture, and fashion, breaking down barriers and changing the game forever.

However, the interview was not all about success and achievements. DMC also touched upon the tragic loss of Jam Master Jay, Run-DMC’s DJ who was murdered in 2002. DMC spoke on the profound impact Jay’s death had on him and the group. He spoke about Jay’s incredible talent, dedication, and the void left in the music industry following his passing.

Reflecting on Run-DMC’s impact on hip-hop, DMC emphasized how they had transcended the boundaries of the genre, becoming cultural icons. He shed light on the struggles they faced as pioneers in a predominantly rock and pop-dominated industry, stating that their success opened doors for future rap artists. By collaborating with rock legends like Aerosmith and breaking through mainstream barriers, they showcased the versatility and universality of hip-hop.

During the interview, DMC also revealed his deep admiration for another hip-hop legend, Kurtis Blow. He reminisced about when he first heard Blow’s groundbreaking hit, “The Breaks,” and how it sparked his love for rap. DMC credited Kurtis Blow as the inspiration behind his rap career, acknowledging his influence on the genre as a whole.

One of the captivating aspects of DMC’s appearance on Drink Champs was his willingness to share untold stories from his life and career. He spoke candidly about his struggles with addiction, mental health, and finding his identity outside of the music industry. By opening up about his personal challenges, DMC showed a vulnerable side many fans had not seen before, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.