Marsha Ambrosius Says Dr. Dre-Produced Album ‘Casablanco’ Is On The Way

During the Soul Train Awards this past Sunday (November 26), Marsha Ambrosius, the renowned R&B singer-songwriter, reignited excitement among her fans by sharing an update about her long-awaited album, Casablanco.

“Check out the credits, Dr. Dre,” she sings during the ‘Soul Cypher’ performance with Eric Bellinger, Nicci Gilbert, and Arin Ray. “That Casablanco on the way… Got a brand new classic ’bout to hit.”

The project, produced by the legendary Dr. Dre, has been in the works since December 2021. The announcement of Marsha Ambrosius and Dr. Dre collaborating on Casablanco sparked anticipation, with fans eagerly anticipating the unique synergy that the duo would bring to the project.

In late 2021, Dr. Dre took to Instagram to announce he has just finished up a new album with the Floetry singer saying, “I just finished recording an album with Marsha Ambrosius,” he wrote. “Casablanco I had a blast!! This is some of my best work!!”, as he was surrounded by people playing violins, cellos, and other orchestral pieces in the post’s accompanying photo.

Fans have eagerly awaited the release of the album, as it marked a reunion between Ambrosius and Dr. Dre, who previously worked together on “Stronger” for her Grammy-nominated debut solo album, Late Nights & Early Mornings in 2011, “Genocide,” “All in a Day’s Work,” “Darkside/Gone” and “Satisfaction.” from Dre’s 2015 Compton album, Game’s “Start from Scratch”, Nas’ “Hustlers,” and Busta Rhymes’ “Cocaina” and “Get You Some,” to name a few.

Marsha Ambrosius and Dr. Dre are two powerhouses in their respective musical realms. Ambrosius has consistently showcased her remarkable vocal abilities and songwriting skills throughout her career, both as a solo artist and as one-half of the acclaimed duo, Floetry. Dr. Dre, on the other hand, is an iconic producer and rapper whose influence on the hip-hop landscape cannot be overstated.

Marsha Ambrosius’ update at the Soul Train Awards confirms that “Casablanco” is indeed on the way, reigniting hope and enthusiasm among fans.