Khamari Shares Poignant Music Video For “These Four Walls”

Los Angeles-based, Boston-raised songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist artist Khamari releases the poignant “These Four Walls” music video from his debut album A Brief Nirvana via RCA Records. Fighting for a relationship is exhausting in its own right, especially when it’s one-sided. The video perfectly displays how the four walls are more reliable than his partner could ever be.

The 11-track album plays like a sonic documentary, reflecting his personal journey as well as his artistic growth. With its lead single “Doctor, My Eyes,” Khamari finds himself seeking life’s answers, capped off with a special voicemail from his grandfather. The single “Drifting” puts a melancholic spin on Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” anthem as Khamari sings about the pursuit of happiness. Other highlights include “On My Way”, which samples Al Green’s “Love and Happiness” and describes life’s unpredictable changes.