Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame & Ice Cube Announce Inaugural Ice Cube Impact Award

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame and ground-breaking rap star, renowned blockbuster film producer and actor, entrepreneur, and co-founder of the BIG3 basketball league, Ice Cube, are thrilled to announce a pioneering partnership culminating in the creation of the inaugural Ice Cube Impact Award.

This unique collaboration is set to honor Ice Cube’s extraordinary contributions to the world of basketball, his unparalleled passion for the game, and his unwavering commitment to encouraging crucial dialogues surrounding inclusivity, equal opportunity, and racial and social justice while contributing to initiatives focused on education and community development. 

“The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Award named in my honor is truly remarkable, and words alone can’t express my gratitude for this recognition from such a prestigious organization,” said Ice Cube, a lifelong Lakers fan who grew up playing basketball at the Inglewood YMCA. “Having an award bearing my name only intensifies my commitment to advancing inclusivity and equal opportunity in sports, alongside my unwavering dedication to community activism.”

The Naismith Hall of Fame will permanently house and amplify the Ice Cube Impact Award in its museum and honor subsequent award winners each year through a dedicated exhibit and in-depth storytelling about honorees who use basketball as a platform for good works in their own communities.

“Ice Cube’s unquestionable passion for the game and his desire to see it utilized as a catalyst for positive impact on communities are unwavering,” said John L. Doleva, President and CEO of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. “His sphere of influence in both the entertainment industry and in the professional sports arena brings remarkable authenticity and value to this award. We are delighted to join hands with Ice Cube as he leverages his love of the game to inspire others. The Ice Cube Impact Award will stand as a testament to the power of basketball and the profound impact it can have on communities worldwide.”

Ice Cube’s remarkable journey through the world of basketball has had a profoundly transforming effect. As the visionary founder of the BIG3, he created a professional league built on the game’s proven bests–Hall of Famers, World Champions, and All-Stars. The BIG3 has launched and revitalized careers and opened doors for all players and coaches who wish to continue to positively contribute to the game in a format that captures the hearts and imagination of fans nationwide. His unique and innovative approach to the game, which incorporates elements of streetball and professional basketball, also showcases the immense power of sports in uniting communities, as exemplified by the Young3 program focusing on youth in underserved areas.

The Ice Cube Impact Award will be presented to Ice Cube at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday, January 15, 2024) in Springfield, Massachusetts.