E-A-Ski & Rossum Electro Historic Collaboration Sells Out Limited Edition SP-1200 Drum Machine

Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum producer E-A-Ski, in conjunction with Rossum Electro, has achieved a historic milestone in the music industry, selling out all 50 units of their special edition SP-1200 drum machines in less than a week. This extraordinary achievement not only highlights the enduring popularity of the SP-1200, a legendary piece of music production equipment but also underscores the significance of a limited-edition collaboration between two industry powerhouses. The successful sales reflect the SP-1200’s iconic status and the enduring demand for its unique sound among musicians and producers.

The SP-1200, originally released in 1987 by E-Mu Systems, is a sampler, drum machine, and sequencer created by Dave Rossum that quickly became a staple in hip-hop production. Its distinct sound, characterized by its crunchy 12-bit sampling and gritty yet warm analog filters, helped shape the sound of countless classic tracks. The SP-1200 gave rise to the “boom bap” aesthetic, influencing the golden era of hip-hop and beyond.

The SP-1200 has been used by numerous pioneering producers to create masterpieces. Some of the legendary producers to use the SP-1200 include DJ Muggs (“How I Could Just Kill a Man”), Bud’da (“Bow Down”), Rick Rock (“Tradin’ War Stories & “Ain’t Hard 2 Find”), Dr. DreDJ PoohSir Jinx (“Two to the Head”, “Once Upon A Time In The Projects”), KLCLord FinessePete Rock and others.

E-A-Ski, a highly respected producer, rapper, and songwriter, has worked with industry titans such as Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Master P, Spice 1, Lil Boosie, Krayzie Bone, and MC Ren to name a few. His signature sound, rooted in the SP-1200’s unique capabilities, has contributed to his legendary status in the music industry. E-A-Ski’s decision to collaborate with Rossum Electro, a manufacturer specializing in high-quality audio equipment, was driven by a desire to pay homage to the SP-1200 and offer a fresh take on its legendary sound.

Rossum Electro, known for its innovative audio products, partnered with E-A-Ski to create a limited edition run of 50 SP-1200 drum machines. These units, carefully handcrafted, featured modern enhancements and upgrades while preserving the essence of the original SP-1200 sound. The collaboration between E-A-Ski and Rossum Electro aimed to provide musicians and producers with access to a legendary machine that captures the classic sound while offering contemporary enhancements.

The fact that all 50 units of the limited edition SP-1200s sold out within a week is a remarkable achievement with deep historic significance. It showcases the enduring appeal of the SP-1200 and its iconic sound, even decades after its initial release. The rapid sales also demonstrate the unwavering demand for classic and vintage gear among musicians and producers seeking to capture the essence of a bygone era. This historic feat accentuates the cultural and musical impact of the SP-1200, firmly cementing its place in music history.

In an age of digital production and virtual instruments, the sale of the limited edition SP-1200s serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving traditional production methods and the unique characteristics of analog equipment. The collaboration between E-A-Ski and Rossum Electro successfully bridges the gap between the past and present, offering a modern take on a timeless classic. It allows producers and musicians to tap into the aura of the golden era of hip-hop while embracing the conveniences and advancements of contemporary technology.

The rapid sell-out of the limited edition SP-1200 drum machines by E-A-Ski and Rossum Electro is a testament to the enduring legacy and cultural significance of this iconic piece of music production equipment. The collaboration between a legendary producer and an innovative manufacturer has resulted in a historic achievement, highlighting the continued demand for the SP-1200’s unique sound and its influence on music production. By offering a modernized version of the SP-1200 while preserving its classic attributes, E-A-Ski and Rossum Electro have successfully bridged the gap between the past and present, ensuring the legacy of the SP-1200 remains alive and well in the music industry.