MC Breed’s ‘The New Breed’ Album & The Mastery Of Colin Wolfe & Warren G

MC Breed‘s The New Breed album stands as one of the pivotal releases in hip-hop history. Released in 1993, the album showcased a unique blend of Midwestern flavor with West Coast influences, resulting in a groundbreaking sound that captivated audiences worldwide. With notable production work from producers Colin Wolfe and Warren G, the album not only borrowed elements from Dr. Dre‘s iconic The Chronic but also carved its own path in hip-hop history. In this article, we’ll delve into the influences, production genius, and two standout tracks – “Gotta Get Mine” and “Comin’ Real Again” featuring 2Pac – from this legendary album.

The Chronic, Dr. Dre’s landmark album released in 1992 via Death Row Records, revolutionized the sound of hip-hop and left an indelible mark on the genre. MC Breed, influenced by the G-funk movement, sought to incorporate the West Coast sound into his own work. Breed acknowledged the influence of The Chronic stating in a 2007 interview with Chad Kiser, “Most of the pre-production music I recorded for my 3rd album during the time frame you’re talking about, was with Warren G at Dre’s crib out in Malibu, where he had this house that sat right on the water. We mixed most of that album at Dre’s crib. The inspiration for that album came from listening to all of that Dre shit, man! If you listen to it, you can probably hear some of that Dre shit in it. Cuz Warren G, Colin Wolfe, and D.O.C. were the same people working with Dre that was working on my album.

Colin Wolfe and Warren G played pivotal roles in shaping the sonic landscape of The New Breed. Wolfe, whose masterful work with Dr. Dre, brought his expertise in G-funk production to the table. Warren G, a rising star in the West Coast rap scene at the time, contributed his unique musical style and skillful production techniques. Together, they created a fusion of Midwest grit and West Coast vibes that defined the album’s signature sound.

“Gotta Get Mine” featuring 2Pac is an undeniable standout track on The New Breed. The collaboration between MC Breed and 2Pac showcased their distinct lyrical abilities and chemistry. The song’s infectious beat, produced by Warren G and Colin Wolfe, perfectly complemented the intense verses delivered by both artists.

Speaking with Chad Kiser in 2007 on how he was able to get 2Pac on “Gotta Get Mine” MC Breed said, “Me and Pac had been knowing each other for a minute back then. I was getting my very first tattoo at this parlor on Sunset, and Pac was in the other chair getting THUG LIFE on his stomach. He asked me what I was doing out here, and I told him I was recording. He told me he wanted to drop something with me, and he wouldn’t let me leave that damn parlor until he was finished getting the tattoo! After we left the parlor, we went to the studio, smoked a gang of purples, and did the damn thing.”

In a 2018 interview, Chad Kiser asked Colin Wolfe about the collaboration, to which he replied, “When Warren G came to me he only had the drum beat and guitar sample. He asked me to help him with the record, and as soon as I heard it that’s what I came up with, so I put the music around it. I went back to Atlanta with them to help finish up the whole album, as well as I mixed and engineered the entire album. The D.O.C. mentored MC Breed on the record and everything 2Pac did was basically freestyled. We just put ‘Pac in the vocal booth and let him do what he do, just hit record. That’s all you had to do with him [laughs]. You could feel the energy coming out of the booth when he was in there.”

Another notable track on the album is “Comin’ Real Again,” again featuring 2Pac. This song not only highlighted MC Breed’s lyrical prowess but also showcased Colin Wolfe’s production skills. The track boasted a laid-back beat that perfectly encapsulated the G-funk sound of the era. Colin Wolfe discussed his work on the album with DubCNN, stating, “I wanted to bring that West Coast flavor to ‘New Breed’ while staying true to the Midwest sound. ‘Comin’ Real Again’ was a prime example of that fusion.”

MC Breed, also in an interview with Chad Kiser for DubCNN, talked about working with 2Pac on “Comin’ Real Again” saying, “We did this song called “Comin’ Real Again”, and I was telling him I just wanted him to talk during the hooks, and he would do that shit in one muthfuckin’ take! Also, it would take Pac like 35-40 minutes, at the max, to write a verse or a 16. At the max now, you know? So when he was in the studio, man, he was in there workin’! Pac was the shit! It was a sight to see, to see him recording.”

MC Breed’s The New Breed album remains a testament to the artist’s talent and the creative genius of producers Colin Wolfe and Warren G. Fusing the influences of “The Chronic” with their own unique styles, they crafted a timeless piece of hip-hop history. “Gotta Get Mine” and “Comin’ Real Again”, both featuring 2Pac, exemplify the quality and innovation of the album, leaving an indelible mark on the genre. MC Breed, alongside Wolfe and Warren G, pushed boundaries, blended sounds, and solidified their places as pioneers in hip-hop, ensuring that The New Breed remains a classic album cherished by fans and respected by artists for generations to come.