E.D.I. Mean Clears Up Details Of ‘Makaveli’ Album, Talks “Hail Mary” Alternate Music Video, Reveals “Just Like Daddy” Was Originally Recorded For The Outlawz Album + More

With the upcoming 27th anniversary of the 2Pac/Makaveli release The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, E.D.I. Mean of The Outlawz took to his E.D.I. Mean TV YouTube channel to clear up a few things surrounding the album and its release including 2Pac’s original plans for the album, the “Hail Mary” alternate music video, the correct Makaveli album title, and more.

During the “Talk My Truth” moment, E.D.I. first discusses the title of the posthumously-released Makaveli album saying, “Death Row fucked up the title of that album. They titled it The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. Got that wrong. I guess they was trying to figure it out. Pac wasn’t here, and they didn’t ask us. But it was Killuminati The 7 Day Theory: By Makaveli The Don. That’s one thing I always wanted to clear up.”

Another point he brings attention to is the video of the project’s third single “Hail Mary”, where he says that the music video released was not the intended version. “We shot our parts to the video, the Hail Mary. Whatever the case, that shit came out terrible, in my opinion. You didn’t really get to see our version with us in it. But it is what it is.”

The final point of discussion for E.D.I. MEan is that the album was actually a 2Pac solo album. “He always felt and maintained, to us, that he was a member of The Outlawz, of our group. But him being the forward thinker that he was, he said ‘I’ma put my solo album out first, and then introduce y’all’. So, summer of 1996 we’re working on multiple projects, One Nation, the Outlawz album, and that creative spurt gave birth to the Makaveli project which was actually completed in 3 days.”