E-A-Ski & Rossum Electro Release Special Edition Of The Iconic SP-1200

Today (November 1), Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum producer E-A-Ski and Rossum Electro just released the Special Edition Rossum SP-1200 sampling percussion system. There are only 50 units being made available of this special edition SP-1200, which will be available beginning today and can be purchased here.

Speaking exclusively to Chad Kiser, the “Trigga Gots No Heart“-producer said of the release, “Being that this is Hip-Hop 50, this is monumental. This is a veteran drum machine that they’ve re-invented, and now they’re bringing back this machine with me attached to it, and bringing back the sound and quality that we used to have. This is really phenomenal for the culture, and for those that want to get back to the sound that we love.”

The E-mu SP-1200 is a sampler, drum machine, and sequencer created by Dave Rossum in 1987. A classical hip-hop piece of studio equipment, the SP-1200 has been used by numerous pioneering producers to create masterpieces. Some of the legendary producers to use the SP-1200 include DJ Muggs (“How I Could Just Kill a Man”), Bud’da (“Bow Down”), Rick Rock (“Tradin’ War Stories & “Ain’t Hard 2 Find”), Dr. Dre, DJ Pooh, Sir Jinx (“Two to the Head”, “Once Upon A Time In The Projects”), KLC, Lord Finesse, Pete Rock and others.