Dr. Dre & Interscope Records Reveal “The Chronic Masters” Drop 2 Collection Honoring 30th Anniversary Of ‘The Chronic’

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dr. Dre‘s legendary album The Chronic, Interscope Records has collaborated with Trophy to reveal the second drop of “The Chronic Masters” collection, a series of unique and collectible merchandise.

While the first drop, released in June, highlights replicas of three stand out session tapes, this next drop dives deeper into Dr. Dre’s legendary album with a new limited run of unique prints and memorabilia. The highlight of this new collection, which drops today, includes “The Masters” Print, an archival pigment print featuring imagery of the official The Chronic master tapes side A and B, photographed by Jeremy Deputat.

Additional prints include, “The Session Stacks” – imagery of the complete The Chronic session tapes as well as “The Session Grid” print – showcasing the original session tapes from each single that made it onto the project. The most limited collectible of the drop, “The Session Tapes Stacks Replica”, is available for a lucky 30 fans which features a lifesize replica of the master tapes when they were re-discovered 30 years later. Additionally, five limited edition skateboard decks, and four limited edition tees are also available – all available for sale via microsite interscope.com/TheChronicMasters.

Dr. Dre’s debut solo album, The Chronic, is widely regarded as one of the most influential hip-hop albums of all time. It marked the beginning of a new era in the genre, introducing its distinctive G-funk sound and groundbreaking production techniques. The album showcases Dre’s skills as a producer, with his signature use of the Moog synthesizer and his ability to blend old-school funk with new-school rap. The Chronic also served as a launching pad for future stars including Snoop Dogg and Warren G, and it cemented Dre’s status as one of the most influential producers in hip hop history. The album’s social commentary on the state of gang violence and police brutality in Los Angeles at the time also highlighted Dre’s commitment to using his music to address serious issues in his community. Last June, Rolling Stone placed The Chronic on its 500 Greatest Albums of All-Time List, noting the album “redefined the West Coast Hip Hop sound.”

For fans of this iconic album, the prints included in the Chronic Masters Collection are all 24” x 24″. The individual prints, photographed by Jeremy Deputat, are priced at $150 USD. Each one made with archival pigment on 290gsm Moab Entrada bright white fine art paper, featuring chop-marked, numbered, and hand-embossed Chronic leaf detailing. A certificate of authenticity is included with each premium print purchase.

Interscope Records conceptualized “The Chronic Masters” with Trophy, the creative agency that transcends music & culture through tailor-made content & collectibles. Jason Sangerman, Interscope Senior Vice President, worked hand in hand with Trophy co-founders Jeremy Deputat, James Larese, and Jesse Cory and Dan Armand of the Detroit-based 1XRUN, who have been producing collectibles for UMG since 2014. Together, they’ve peeled back layers of hip-hop history to provide fans with this exclusive collection of memorabilia.

“The Chronic Masters” Collection Drop Two includes:

● Three premium 24”x24” fine-art print offerings, with only 92 hand-numbered units available of each at $150 USD. Each premium print purchase includes a certificate of authenticity. Print 1 features: “Session Tapes Grid”, Print 2 features: The Session Tapes Stack”, Print 3 features: “The Masters”.

● The Session Tapes Stack Replica: 1:1 Scale Replica which includes 14 session tape boxes with only 30 units available at $1,200 USD. Features five-sided archival UV-cured prints on varnished HD aluminum panels wrapped on a 3⁄4” painted plywood frame.

● Apparel: Four limited edition tees including imagery of the session tapes, “Let Me Ride” and the Ampex 456 Tape all priced at $42 each.

● Four limited edition skateboard decks with only 92 units available of each at $92 USD. One limited edition Chronic album skateboard deck with 310 units available at $92 USD. The designs of the decks feature tape notes, session tape stacks, AMPEX 456 tape image, a “Fuck with Dre Day” deck and the iconic album artwork.

To this day, The Chronic remains a landmark album that continues to inspire and influence generations of hip hop artists. “The Chronic Masters Collection” will continue with a series of drops to roll out throughout 2023.

For more info on this exclusive drop, please visit Interscope Records Instagram or website.